Active volcanoes namely Coronae found on the planet Venus : Study claims.


Venus, one of the eight planets of our Solar System,has so far been believed to have ended its volcanoes, but in a recent study at least 37 such volcanoes were found to be active.They are named Coronae.  

       Photo Credit:Pixabay.
Researchers at the US University of Maryland and Zurich's Institute of Geophysics have discovered through 3D models that these Coronae were not created 500 million years ago, but rather in recent times.

To study the planet Venus

Ring-like structures formed when the warm material inside Venus came out of the crust through the mantle.  With this discovery the scientific outlook about Venus is likely to change.  Professor Laurent Montesi of Maryland stated that this is the first time that a particular structure on Venus has been identified and it has been discovered that it is not an ancient volcano, but recently active.  Montesi has said that its formation process can be identified with it and only the features of the active volcano can be understood.

Active Volcanoes on Venus : Great discovery indeed.

Around 37 such volcanoes have been found on Venus.It is believed that some parts of the planet are more active and this can explain its tectonic activity.This is special because if a rover is sent on Venus in future, it will help in deciding where to send it.Europe's EnVision project may launch in 2032 for Venus.

The US space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is also working on sending humans on a Mars mission for the first time by 2035, and scientists are of the opinion that Venus should be visited before going to Mars.The team feels that Venus' gravity can be used as a 'Slingshot' to reach Mars by spending less time and fuel.

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