Government of India banned more Chinese apps including Baidu, Xiaomi's Mi Browser Pro.


Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps in June,47 apps in July in 2020. This time in August Government of India imposed ban on many more Chinese apps including Xiaomi's Mi Browser Pro.The entire list has not been revealed yet.Government of India may ban 250 Chinese apps in future,a highly placed source asserted the news.

Photo: Xiaomi's Browser Pro now banned in India.

Chinese apps are still being wiped out by the Indian government.  According to the latest news, the Indian government has banned some more Chinese apps in India, including Xiaomi's Baidu.  However, the name of all the apps is yet to be revealed.  As everyone knows, the Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps in India at the end of June, which included many apps like TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser, Shein, Club Factory.  However, after June, it was also reported in late July that the government has banned 47 new Chinese apps in India. This time the government did not make this announcement public like last time.  It was told that for the second time most of the banned apps were clones of the previously banned apps, due to which the government has also taken action on them.

The names of the two apps are coming to the fore, according to sources and they are Baidu Search App and Xiaomi's Mi Browser Pro.Talking about Baidu, it is China's own search engine, which works like Google.  While the Mi Browser app comes pre-loaded on most Xiaomi Smartphones.  After this ban, the company will now have to stop installing this app in its new Smartphone.

In late June, the Government of India declared 59 Chinese apps including TikTok banned in India, including ShareIt, UC Browser, Shein, Club Factory, Clash of Kings, Helo, Mi Community, CamScanner, ES File Explorer, VMate, Newsdog  Like many apps included.  The government claimed that all these apps were involved in some such activities which could pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country, security of the country, security of the state and public order etc.  The government had banned 59 apps due to data security and user privacy.

However, this process of banning Chinese apps did not stop here, after this, the government also banned some apps in late July, although its information was not made public as before.  The second time the government banned the second clone 47 Chinese apps, just like the previous banned apps.Then it was said that 250 more Chinese apps are going to fall, including popular gaming apps like PUBG.

We have to wait for the Government of India's future decision on banning more Chinese apps.


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