Ice Age prolonged more 1200 Years due to Volcanic Eruptions : New research claims.


Ice age was about to end 13000 years ago,but due to sudden volcanic eruptions it lasted more 1200 Years on Earth.Earlier, Scientists believed that it was a big meteorite that cooled the Earth 3 Degrees Centigrade,but new research claims otherwise.  

There was a time where a sheet of snow was lying in most parts of the earth. The temperature had dropped significantly. It is known as Ice Age. It was also going to end 13 thousand years ago, but a terrible explosion suddenly changed everything. Scientists previously believed that this was due to the collision of meteorite.  However, now a new research revealed that the ice age had lasted more 1200 years due to volcanic erouptions.

Researchers say that an analysis of the sediments of the Middle Texas Caves showed that the sediments hold the past records extending over 20,000 years.Michael Waters,Director of the Center for the study of the first Americans and also a distinguished Professor at Texas A & M University began his research in 2017.Recently Waters and his team published their findings in the journal Science Advances.

Earlier some researchers believed that the event, which caused the Earth to cool 3 degrees Centigrade 13000 years ago, was caused by the collision of a meteorite-like thing from outside the Earth.But the latest research shows that there is a lot of evidence in the layers of sediments in the Hall's caves all this was due to volcanic eruption. Researchers have discovered some 20,000-year-old sediments in the Hall Caves located in the hills of Texas,which clearly showed that 13 thousand years ago, when ice sheets started melting in Canada and the ice age was about to end. Then something big happened on the Earth.The incident brought sudden coolness that led to the ice age extending to more 1200 years ahead. Professor Waters and other researchers, who studied the subject, says that the ice age had advanced due to volcanic eruptions

Researchers believe that after the eruption in the volcano, its fine particles (Aerosols) would have spread around the world, covering the rays coming from the Sun.In such a situation, the coolness increased around the world. Through isotopic analysis of sediments found in the caves revealed that elements such as Iridium, Ruthenium, Platenium, Palladium, and Rhenium were not present in the correct proportions.So they did not proceed with the collision of the meteorite but by the Volcanic Eruptions.

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