Stunning Celestial Phenomenon: Comet from Outer Solar System Astonishes Astronomers by Splitting into Two Fragments Near Sun


In an extraordinary celestial occurrence, astronomers have been left astounded by a comet originating from the outer realms of our solar system, which, while nearing the sun, unexpectedly split into two distinct fragments. This mesmerizing event had been previously witnessed by amateur stargazers in 2020 while observing the Comet C/2018 F4, leaving them perplexed about its underlying cause. 

Comet from Outer Solar System Astonishes Astronomers

However, a group of researchers, led by Man-To Hui from Macau University of Science and Technology in China, has undertaken an extensive investigation employing a multitude of telescopes, subsequently shedding light on this enigmatic phenomenon.

The team postulates that the comet possessed two interconnected "lobes" joined by a slender neck. As the comet ventured closer to the central region of our solar system, the sun's formidable heat warmed its surface. 

Consequently, this thermal influence led to the expulsion of materials, inciting a rotational motion and ultimately resulting in the comet's division. The resulting halves, measuring approximately 4 kilometers each, are presently undergoing a gradual separation, with a staggering distance of approximately 400,000 kilometers currently separating them.

This captivating revelation not only unravels the mysteries surrounding the comet's unexpected fragmentation but also underscores the profound impact of the sun's radiant energy on celestial entities. As scientists persist in their pursuit of understanding this extraordinary event, it holds the promise of bestowing invaluable insights into the dynamic nature of comets and their intricate interactions with the sun.

Source: Science.

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