Ring Wormholes: The Potential Doorways to Time Travel and Alternate Universes?

Upam Bikash

Wormholes, often portrayed as mysterious tunnels through space-time with black holes at their entrances, have long captured the imaginations of science fiction enthusiasts and theoretical physicists alike. However, recent research suggests that these enigmatic passages might not always take the conventional form we imagine. Scientists have theorized the existence of "ring wormholes," which could serve as flat doorways, leading to other locations, alternate universes, or even the past.Are these Wormholes the Potential Doorways to Time Travel and Alternate Universes?

Ring Wormholes: The Potential Doorways to Time Travel

Time Travel and Gravitational Time Dilation

Intriguingly, the research suggests that these ring wormholes might enable time travel as well. If the entrance of a ring wormhole were placed in a region with a higher gravitational field compared to its exit, the two sides of the wormhole would experience the passage of time at different rates. This phenomenon, known as gravitational time dilation in general relativity, could result in effective time travel for those traversing the wormhole.

Limitations and Paradoxes

Although the concept of time travel through ring wormholes seems mathematically viable, practical issues and paradoxes come into play. Zelnikov himself acknowledges that constructing the necessary exotic matter string may be beyond our current technological capabilities. Moreover, the influence of quantum effects on space-time remains largely unexplored, raising doubts about the feasibility of ring wormholes in reality.

The Enduring Mystery of Time Travel

While ring wormholes might present potential avenues for time travel, their relative simplicity compared to traditional wormholes allows scientists to use them as a tool for unraveling the intricacies of quantum effects on space-time. Whether time travel will ever become a reality or forever remain confined to the realms of fiction is a question that continues to baffle researchers. Understanding the mysteries of these theoretical constructs could shed light on the apparent inaccessibility of time travel in our universe.


The notion of ring wormholes as flat doorways to other dimensions and epochs is a captivating idea, deeply rooted in the realms of theoretical physics. While current limitations may prevent their realisation, studying these peculiar structures offers valuable insights into the workings of quantum mechanics and the profound nature of space-time. As scientists delve deeper into these enigmas, the quest for understanding our universe's most perplexing phenomena, including the possibility of time travel, persists.

(Citation: "New Scientist" - Please note that the original article was published in New Scientist and the content provided here is a simplified summary of the concepts discussed in the article.)

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